Format, Topics and Speakers


This happened is 

...a series of events focused on the story behind interaction design. Having ideas is easier than making it happen. It is part of an international format that currently takes place in Hamburg, London and Rotterdam.  We dive into projects that exist today, to find out how their concepts and process can inspire future work.  In the  Rotterdam edition, an evening consists of 4 speakers. Each speaker has 10 minutes to present their work, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A from the audience. Talks are given in English and focus on the design process rather than the final product. The talks itself are filmed and shared through our webpage and Youtube channel.  In between and after the talks there are breaks with drinks and time for networking.

The speakers are


...designers, entrepreneurs and artists who present projects or methods in the field of Interaction design, IoT, new technologies or social design. Find guidelines for speakers here.

If  you would like to give a talk


... or know someone who you would like to hear send us an e-mail. We are always looking for new and interesting speakers.

This happened  events take place 

... at WORM Rotterdam and are always on a Tuesday from 19.30- 22.00.  WORM is a cultural venue and club in the Witte de Wit quarter of Rotterdam. We enjoy great technical equipment and sound quality there and an auditorium that provides a great view for all of the max 100 visitors. Some editions are part of design festivals such as the future flux festival and are therefore not hosted at WORM.


The organisation team Rotterdam

 ... Sophie Boonen,  Anna Hornberger, Enitia Karijodinomo and Kees Verweij as the core team. All of us have a background in Industrial and Interaction design. 


Sophie is a UX researcher at the Dutch Enterprise Agency (RVO) where she researches the needs and expectations of entrepreneurs. She likes hunting for hidden gems at the flea market, which you can do best in Brabant where she grew up.


Anna is working as a service and UX designer at VodafoneZiggo. She gives workshops, does research and designs software and services. Anna likes to bring people together and organize events and, apart from this happened she is organizing living room concerts, likes live music and special beers. She also likes to make clothing and jewellery.

Enitia studied Industrial Design at the TU Eindhoven and is working as a Business Manager in Software Development at ALTEN. Right now she is busy with developing the design proposition within ALTEN and would love to see it grow. Enitia loves food and people and especially likes the fact how food connects people. If you need any tips about where to eat - ask her!

Kees has a background in product design and is now diving into software development. He works as at KPN where he’s being trained as a full-stack developer, in order to become more expert in connecting design and digital technologies. He likes to tinker and play with electronics and software. When he’s not behind his computer or soldering iron, he enjoys going to the beach for a surf or meeting friends for a drink in the park.


We are recording all our talks in collaboration with Yorick Leusink. Mike Bond is taking pictures during the events.

We are



This happened was founded


... in 2007 by Chris O’Shea, Joel Gethin Lewis and Andreas Müller. Over the years there were editions in  Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Bristol, London,  Edinburgh, Limerick, HongKong and Hamburg. This happened still takes place in Hamburg, London and Rotterdam. This happened Rotterdam was founded in 2013 by Ianus Keller, Piem Wirtz & Pieter Diepenmaat.  Since 2018 it is run by Sophie Boonen, Kees Verweij and Anna Hornberger

Sponsors & Volunteers

The format is financed 


 ... by ticket sales, sponsors and volunteers. This happened is a non-profit organisation.  We all work on a volunteer basis. The entrance fee for our event is €5 in presale and this money goes directly to the Venue, WORM, for providing the space, equipment and support by sound technicians. Our main sponsor is Designplatform Rotterdam. The money we receive from them is used for costs such as marketing, speakers presents or travel costs.

Yes! We are on the lookout for a second sponsor to enable us to bring in international speakers and to bring this happened towards a more professional level. If you would like to sponsor us you can do so by financial aid or by sponsoring a venue and catering. What's in it for you? You will be named as a sponsor during all our events and in our marketing. Apart from that, you will get connected with our community. If you are willing to host an event 70-100 designers will get to know your company.

Can you become a sponsor ?

Can you become a volunteer?

We can always use helping hands! It is interesting for us to have guest curators who host one edition and help us find speakers for that edition.

At the moment we are looking for a social media manager: someone who would like to do social media updates before, during and after the events. Our partners from Designplatform Rotterdam write an essay about every edition of this happened, which is published. They are looking for co-writers for this essay. Do you feel like one of these positions suits you or would you like to contribute in another way? Get in contact with us!