This Happened #16 at Future Flux Festival

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

This edition of This happened Rotterdam was part of the Future Flux Festival 2019 at RDM Rotterdam.

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When Thursday April 4th doors open 11:00 - first speaker 13:00


RDM Rotterdam (Onderzeebootloods)

RDM-straat 1

3089 JS Rotterdam

The Future Flux Festival is a festival for pioneers and a platform for new developments in the fields of technology and innovation. This Happened will host 4 talks at the Future Flux Stage throughout the day. Since the theme of Future Flux Festival is Meet the Makers; we will introduce you to four different makers that worked on something innovative, smart and physical. We selected four speakers who create their own innovative solutions to the problems they encounter, and who are not afraid to do things in a different way. They will show what attention and effort is needed to make an idea into a working prototype and eventually a product that can be implemented in the real context.

13:00 - 13:30 Robitics in architecture

By Léon Spikker (Studio Rap)

Léon and his fellow founders of Studio RAP graduated in architecture by choosing a strategy that didn’t exist yet at the time. They wanted to use new production techniques executed by robots and got their start with an old robot found in the RDM dock. Since then they built a successful company, working from RDM Rotterdam for clients all around the world, using computational design and digital fabrication methods. One of their projects (still in progress) for the City of Rotterdam shows how Studio RAP can adjust architecture to the fast changing needs of the user. They use travellers data, in order to improve bus stops and produce them in a way that they don’t just offer space to people, but also facilitate people.

15:30 - 16:00 Smartians - Smarten up the things you love

By Andrew Spitz (Frolic Studio)

Consumerism is currently at an all-time high, with old products being disposed of and new products introduced in the millions every day. As a result, landfill sites are increasingly filled with perfectly usable household items and appliances. At FROLIC they wanted to find an innovative way to address the issue of people discarding perfectly functional products, in favour of the new. They figured, why not try and encourage consumers to keep their 'old' but cherished appliances by giving them the freedom to make them smart? Andrew Spitz will tell us all about how they developed Smartians as a result. An ADCN award winning product allowing you full flexibility to build your own smart-home in a fun, efficient and inventive way.

19:00 - 19:30 Furry tour guides at Boijmans

Hanne Marckmann & Eric-Jan Krupe (Go Wonder), Martine Blijdorp (Museum Boijmans van Beuningen)

Ever heard of the advice ‘Never work with animals and children’ by W.C. Fields? Well, in this talk Martine Blijdorp (Project Lead Children’s Advisory, Eric Jan Krupe en Hanne Marckmann (both ‘CFO’ at will share their experiences in doing exactly that: co-creating with children in developing two talking robot dogs as tour guides in an art museum. Martine will share the ‘why’ behind this exciting project, with Eric Jan en Hanne sharing the technological and furry challenges they encountered along the road. Of course, they will bring along a robot dog (and cat and octopus) for you to pet, squeeze and listen to.

20:30 - 21:00 Educating a new generation with robots

Teun van Roessel (Solly / BYOR)

Teun van Roessel wants to create a new responsible generation of kids by teaching them about science, technology and sustainability in the most fun way. It started with Solly, the sun-eating robot, which taught kids about sustainable energy and has now moved on to BYOR (Build Your Own Robot) which allows kids to build their own interactive robots from cardboard and other recycled materials. This teaches them important 21st century skills as well as creating awareness about materials and recycling. Come see the talk and meet some robots!