This happened Rotterdam #15

TH#15 took place on Tuesday the 2nd of April in WORM Rotterdam.

The speakers were:

Rhys Duindam- Tingle

Soline Bredin – Digits Untangled & Obsessiogram

Christiaan Uythoven (DioDesign) – Supereters

Maxe van Heeswijk - Space as product

Rhys Duindam - Tingle: A haptic music controller

Music has often been linked to students who are more persistent, disciplined, and expressive in school. Unfortunately, many schools no longer give music lessons. Tingle was designed to inspire children to learn how to make music in a fun and easy way. Tingle has a playful and unique interface that is very easy to pick up. It aimed to bring back the seductive and expressive feelings of acoustic instruments to digital music making.

Tingle was the first start-up Rhys Duindam founded. He shared his experiences of running a business which combined creativity and technology; as well as some reflections he believes could be useful for starting your own creative business.

Soline Bredin - Digits Untangled & Obsessiogram

Soline presented her two graduation projects from Design Academy Eindhoven ‘Digits Untangled’ and ‘Obsessiogram’ and the research that led to these projects.

Digits Untangled explores futuristic scenarios of the body, interface and sexuality. What will it mean to have a body in a time where physical devices (e.g., smartphones) are dematerialized? How would digital sex be performed and sexual intimacy be perceived?

Obsessiogram is a comment on our social media addiction that led to our online compulsive behaviours. Many researchers demonstrated that the excessive use of the internet was causing depression, loneliness, impulsive disorder, etc… This project reflects on how we could become self-aware of our corporeality through our online obsessive behaviours."

Christiaan Uythoven - Supereters

Obesity is an important health issue for the youth in Rotterdam. Primary schools pay attention to nutrition, but it appears that at home, people fall back on unhealthy eating behaviours. Chris and his colleagues from Dio agency saw the need for a change. They developed Supereters, an app that facilitates behavior change towards eating habits at home for parents and children. By working in design sprints and doing qualitative research, they ensured that the product matches the context of the target group. Chris and his colleagues believe in the added value of Supereters. However, they still experience challenges in creating impact with it. At This Happened Chris shared an honest story about these challenges and his plans for the future.

Maxe van Heeswijk - Space as product

After graduating at Schiphol, Maxe noticed a lot of challenges in the context of mobility and smart city. As user centered designer she saw the opportunity to look at these challenges more from the people point of view. However, all of the cool urban planning projects seemed to be done by architects, not by industrial designers. So she went for it and worked one year for one of the biggest architecture firms in the Netherlands.  

In her talk ‘Space as product’, Maxe shared what happens when architecture meets interaction design. She showed us 3 projects that she worked on in the past years.